Exploding With Possibilities

stars I recently had a conversation with an old friend that was just…wonderful. Somehow we start off talking about kids and chores and all the day to day stuff of life. Then it all falls away and somehow the discussion turns to life itself.

This friend and I have both had some hurtful experiences in the church, and at one point we were talking about how we both felt so fortunate that God has led us both to strong, solid churches. For too long, religion felt like fear or confinement to me, as God was hidden away from us by legalistic and ever-shifting rules on dress, behavior, deportment, and more.

Being brought into a church with solid biblical teaching has felt like daylight to me. Following God and seeking to grow closer to Him day by day shows me that more things are possible than I ever dreamed. And it makes sense. A God of infinite space has a greater plan that I can ever understand, and we were born to be taken places and to do things bu His will that we would never have imagined on our own.

I have seen sad and sorrowful things, but I have seen miracles happen as well. Anything is truly possible with God.
Written in five minutes for #31Days


One thought on “Exploding With Possibilities

  1. I too am grateful that my family and I have found a church where there is solid Biblical teaching! It means so much, and I treasure the opportunity to attend this church, because at times, due to necessity, my family and I had to meet together at home on Sundays because we did not have a good church to attend. Praise the Lord that He still has faithful ministers!


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