The Children’s Bookshelf: A 2 Year Old’s Top 10 “Reads”

Time is flying!! I can’t believe my little man is 2 years old already(and we’re expecting a new baby in October so there’s even more excitement here!)  He’s reached a stage where his love of words and books is really starting to show, and I find it quite exciting. He loves to be read to, and he’s also rediscovering old favorites and pulling them out for rereads.  We’ve been having a lot of bookish fun here at my house.

So, what does my son love to read these days?  Well, it’s a combination of new discoveries and books read to him as an infant that he has rediscovered and pulled from the book basket for constant rereads.  Here are the top ten:

goodnightmoonGoodnight Moon is the first book I ever read aloud to my little guy. I remember that I started reading it to him a day or two after we got home from the hospital. At that age, reading aloud is less for content and more just to show little ones that reading and love and comfort all go together. This book is a great intro to the world of words and it’s one of those enduring small children’s classics that many of us know and love. I’ve seen a number of bedtime books and this is still one of the sweetest and dearest. I routinely give this one as a baby shower gift! Continue reading

The Children’s Shelf – 19 and 20 Months Old

Previously I had mentioned that interest in books ran high in our house; now interest in everything runs very high. Chasing a toddler in all directions can get exhausting, but it is so much fun to watch him figuring out things and exploring every bit of the world that he can get his hands on.

Little guy still loves to flip through books and to be read to. During these high activity months, I’ve discovered that prime reading times seem to be right when he wakes up and then again in the evening after dinner. He loves the books, and I love getting in some snuggle time with my increasingly active boy.

So, what have we been reading?

godblessourfallGod Bless Our Fall by Hannah Hall is absolutely adorable. I had feared it might be overly saccharine, but this book has just the right touch of cuteness to it.  And it’s got a gentle introduction to God and creation for the very littlest among us who will have only a small understanding of these ideas.  My son loves the rhyming text and adores the illustrations.  If your child is a big fan of animals, he or she will get to learn all kinds of new woodland animal names from this book! Continue reading

The Children’s Shelf – 18 Months Old

Something incredible has been happening in toddler book-land in my house. Reading (or “reading” perhaps) has just exploded! I never dreamed that watching a little one fall in love with books would be so wonderful. My little guy sometimes enjoys being read to, but also loves hiding behind the couch (always behind the couch! 🙂 ) to flip through his favorite board books and identify the objects that he recognizes. It’s been very fun.

And now that he has started to interact more with his books, here are some of this month’s favorites:

redstop Red, Stop! Green, Go! has been a delightful discovery. The book takes some of the drawings and language from the classic Go, Dog Go! and builds on it, adding interactive wheels to turn and flaps to pull. Busy little bodies will love it! Continue reading

The Children’s Shelf – 17 Months Old

I was away on vacation so my latest Children’s Shelf post was a touch delayed. My son has continued growing and exploring, and lately I’ve noticed that he seems more attached to his books than usual. In the past, he enjoyed being read to but now he likes to hear a book 5 or 6 times over.  Harry the Dirty Dog, one of his favorites last month, continues to be beloved. However, we’ve discovered some new-to-us favorites as well.


Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field won a Caldecott Medal back in the 1940s, and it’s not hard to see why. This book contains a gentle nighttime prayer for the littlest of children, and it’s a lovely bedtime read. The illustrations are charming, and my son’s bedtime routine is not complete without several readings of this one. Highly recommend. Continue reading