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As you can tell from my short little blog history, I am a brand new blogger. I love to read, and to talk about books, reading, characters that move us, and the like. If you think there are some good books I should read, I am always open to suggestions.

I can be reached by email at

I am also on Goodreads, so if you’re on there, please friend me! I love to interact with other readers.

I spend more time on Twitter than is good for me. I’m also on Pinterest, though I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been slow to use it. So much potential for time-wasting there and I know my resistance is weak!

I’m passionate about books and I believe that building connections and relationships between people is one of the most fulfilling things we can go on earth. I so look forward to getting to know you!

4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hello, I was researching my grandmother’s family name. I began thinking we were Amish. Her family name is Mummert. I need to read your book. Is there some reasoning why you picked the name Mummert? Susan Walker


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