Still Enjoying Life in Trinity: Review of The Midwife’s Choice

midwife2 Book InformationThe Midwife’s Choice

Author – Delia Parr

Publishing Information – Bethany House (December 2015, $14.99 print, $9.99 digital)

Reading Challenge Book? No.

This book is second in a series, and I will start by saying that readers will probably want to read The Midwife’s Tale before reading this book because events in this novel pick up right where the first left off. I’ve enjoyed both books, so reading them was no hardship.

Set in the small Pennsylvania town of Trinity, much of this book covers the adventures and personal growth of Martha Cade, a widowed midwife. Mrs. Cade is in her 40s, and her children are now grown, but throughout this book she finds that she still has a lot to learn about faith and about life. Her character growth and the situations she encounters as midwife all make for interesting reading.

In the first book of the series, Martha’s daughter Victoria had run away from home. As this book opens, Victoria has returned, accompanied by a married lady who has chaperoned and mentored her. Though Martha is upset with her daughter for obvious reasons, she also questions the motives of this previously unknown-to-her chaperone as well.  However, as Martha learns more about her daughter’s situation and gets to know Mrs. Morgan better, she starts to understand that this lady is trying to help restore the relationship of mother and daughter. In fact, there is something of a Titus 2-mentoring feel about the interactions between Victoria and her mentor.

Of course there is more going on in this story than the reunification of Martha and her daughter. Martha continues to serve as midwife to the small town of Trinity, and in the course of her duties, she encounters a young wife who appears to be the victim of domestic abuse. Initially, I found the pressure to send the badly injured woman home to her husband a bit premature and careless, though it did make sense given the time period. This portion of the plotting does contain some disturbing scenes, but ultimately the characters reach a resolution both satisfying and biblical.

On a happier note, the hint of romance for Martha that readers saw in book 1 gets further development in The Midwife’s Choice as Martha’s childhood admirer, now a widower himself, seeks to court her. Things move slowly, but their conversations together are touching and sweet.

Overall, this is an endearing novel and I look forward to seeing some of the various plot threads developed further in book 3, due out in April. Rating: 4 stars


*I won this book in a contest over at Forever Joyful, and I’m so glad I did.  Thank you!


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