A Sweet Confection – Review of Your Heart’s Desire

yourheartsdesire Book InformationYour Heart’s Desire

Author – Melody Carlson

Publication Information – Center Street(2016, $9.99 digital, $13.99 print)

Reading Challenge Book? No.

Your Heart’s Desire is a sweet postwar story that opens just after Christmas in 1946. Caroline Marshall lost her husband early in the war, and now the young widow is leaving her home in Minnesota to move in with her sister in California.

Her hope is that she will be able to find a good job to support herself and her young son, and that she can also help her sister with her growing family.

Upon arrival in California, Caroline discovers a basement apartment in her sister’s home that is less than ideal. However, she is happy to see her sister and her sister’s husband seems like a good man.

As Caroline fixes up her meager apartment and sets about looking for work in the local chocolate factory, we learn a lot about her. We can see as she furnishes the apartment that she is frugal, but knows how to make the best of what she has. Caroline works hard, but places her family first in her considerations. She also comes across as being bright and optimistic. Best of all, the author conveys all of these traits simply by showing Caroline in action rather than by telling the reader outright.

Caroline quickly comes to the attention of a man she meets in town and later sees in church. As it turns out, he is also the head of the chocolate factory where she lands her first job as a secretary. Their romance starts off very slowly first as mutual respect that then deepens into friendship.  Caroline had not counted on ever marrying again, but Terrence Gordon just might offer her a second chance at love.

Carlson’s book is a short read, and a truly sweet little romance, just in time for Valentine’s day. In terms of inspirational content, I would say that it’s fairly light. It’s obvious from the book that both Caroline and Terrence are regular churchgoers who take their faith seriously. However, there is not deep exploration of that within the story, which makes sense for a short novel that is lighter in tone.

If you’re looking for a sweet romantic story, Your Heart’s Desire is an endearing one. I love reading about the WWII generation both in fiction and nonfiction, and this is an adorable story. Grade: 4 stars.


4 thoughts on “A Sweet Confection – Review of Your Heart’s Desire

  1. Sounds like a sweet book! I’ve read some of Melody Carlson’s children’s books. I don’t think I’ve ever read her adult novels. I’ll have to give one a try. Thanks for joining us at the #LMMLinkup.


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