Just Showing Up

blizzarddc All my life I’ve been told that most of life is simply showing up. If you can be there and be present, you’re ahead of the game. Whatever “the game” might be.

As you may know, my home state is expected to get slammed with a blizzard today. The week has been full of monitoring storm tracks, making sure we’re stocked with the supplies I thought we were, and otherwise wondering about the storm that just may find us.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Being prepared for a major storm is crucial. However, obsessing about it and wondering what might happen is optional. And I spent most of my week on that. Looking back I realize I spent so much time and effort focused on Friday and Saturday that I wasn’t really present for all of Monday-Thursday.

And I wonder what I missed.

Most of life really can be described as “showing up.” This week has been a reminder to show up and soak in every moment.

This has been written in five minutes (no editing!) for Five Minute Fridays. Want to give it a try? Come and join!


4 thoughts on “Just Showing Up

  1. Dear Amy,
    Being from the North East I know the hupla involved in a winter storm coming…there is most definitely a difference between preparedness and distraction. I think preparedness acknowledges and lets go, but distraction keep circling… which is very un-restful and counter productive.
    Nice post.
    Cheers from your neighbor at 5minfri, Leah


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