A Resource Guarded Closely

hourglass Time passes

Seems like an obvious observation, doesn’t it?

And yet, with every passing year, I cannot help but see how time flies by. My friends’ children grow bigger and more amazingly mature in what seems like no time at all. And sometimes, when I look at my own life, it feels like time and change are constants.

Days get packed full of things. Some of these, like pouring into my family, my church and my friendships, have larger meaning. Other chores just keep me busy.

Sometimes I have prioritized things that weren’t really all that worthy. Some days I seized on something that was fun for a moment, but maybe not likely to lead to deeper joy.

There are times when you just need a little bit of light fun and there are some chores that just have to be done, no matter what. However, as I grow away from my 20s when it felt like I had all the time in the world, I am starting to see the value of time.

I don’t want to look at time in a miserly fashion but I can’t help looking at how I choose to use my time. I have only so much of it, so I want to spend my minutes serving where God wants me, loving and spending time with the people who mean most to me and hopefully welcoming new, treasured friends to that circle.

There are so many wonderful ideas, people, and ways to serve God but online and offline. Using our minutes on them wisely is a challenge.


One thought on “A Resource Guarded Closely

  1. This is good stuff, Amy. I find the chores are the time to fill up on music, prayer, podcasts, brainstorming. It’s a deliberate art form of womanhood. I bet you are better at filling your time with meaning than you think. It’s the paying attention part that gets me! Keep writing. Your friend over at #70, Christina @CreativeandFree.com


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