First Days

sunrise Something about the early days of a new year just feels fresh and new. Those first sweet days hold promise.

Promise that we can begin again.

Promise that we can try new things.

Promise that we can fix what’s broken.

It’s sweet, but perhaps an illusion. After all, in Christ we always have a new beginning. And it’s not only at the first of the year. We are new creations whenever we are turned to Him, and through the work of the Spirit we are constantly being refined.

There are so many “first sweet days” and as time rolls on, they grow ever sweeter.

The truth is the sweetest thing of all, and I love to take these first days of the year as a reminder to treasure it. Let me never forget how fresh life has become since I sought to follow Him.


2 thoughts on “First Days

  1. I love that statement – “there are so many first sweet days”. What a blessing to know that we have new beginnings from our gracious Heavenly Father. Thank you for that reminder today!

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