An Amazing Adventure in Faith – Review of My Brother’s Crown

Book InformationMy Brother’s Crown

Authors – Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould

Publisher – Harvest House (October 2015, $14.99 paperback, $10.49 digital)

This is the review where I feel like I should start off with an apology. Harvest House very kindly lent me an ARC of this book, and I have been way too slow in posting my review. However, I am grateful for the loan because I enjoyed the book immensely, and I hope that you’ll read and enjoy it as well.

The book is something of a timeslip, featuring stories set in modern-day Virginia and 1680s France. The modern-day heroine, Renee Talbot, comes from a prominent Virginia family. At their latest reunion, a 17th century document that has been part of her family legacy is about to be unveiled. And as the family gathers, Renee finds herself on a search for truth that will take her not only far in distance, but in time.

I found the historical story even more captivating. In the 1680s, we follow Catherine Gillet, the daughter of a printing family, as her Huguenot community faces ever-increasing persecution in France. Though it is understood Catherine will soon marry, her life and that of her betrothed are deeply uncertain and even endangered.  Even from the early chapters of the story, I found myself concerned for Catherine and her family. As it becomes apparent that the family must flee France, I found myself on the edge of my seat reading through this book.

And on the historical side, Catherine is a particularly engaging character. As the book begins, her rash decisionmaking and immaturity can make her less than sympathetic to a reader. However, she grows and matures a great deal throughout the book and I enjoyed following that journey along with the story action.

Both the modern day puzzle, and the historical intrigue underlying it are well-written. With sympathetic characters and riveting plot, this book is a real winner.  I will be excited to see what comes next from these authors! Rating: 5 stars




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