The Children’s Shelf – 19 and 20 Months Old

Previously I had mentioned that interest in books ran high in our house; now interest in everything runs very high. Chasing a toddler in all directions can get exhausting, but it is so much fun to watch him figuring out things and exploring every bit of the world that he can get his hands on.

Little guy still loves to flip through books and to be read to. During these high activity months, I’ve discovered that prime reading times seem to be right when he wakes up and then again in the evening after dinner. He loves the books, and I love getting in some snuggle time with my increasingly active boy.

So, what have we been reading?

godblessourfallGod Bless Our Fall by Hannah Hall is absolutely adorable. I had feared it might be overly saccharine, but this book has just the right touch of cuteness to it.  And it’s got a gentle introduction to God and creation for the very littlest among us who will have only a small understanding of these ideas.  My son loves the rhyming text and adores the illustrations.  If your child is a big fan of animals, he or she will get to learn all kinds of new woodland animal names from this book!

tenblackdotsAt this age, it’s natural that some books will entertain the littles more than they entertain us. Donald Crews’ Ten Black Dots is one of those for me. I don’t entirely get what makes it so engaging, but my son obviously gets both delight and ideas from it.  The book goes through a series of dots and shows what images one can come up with using 1 dots, 2 dots, and so on.  There’s not really a story to this book, but it is a good introduction to counting, and the use of the black dots to create pictures does spark the toddler imagination. I can see the little wheels turning in my son’s head as he looks at how the pictures are drawn.

tafuriducklingNancy Tafuri’s Have You Seen My Duckling? is something of a modern classic.  I remember it from my own childhood, and now my son is enjoying it as well.  This story of a mama duck searching for her lost duckling features evocative illustrations that children love. The book itself has very little text; the pictures largely tell the story.  It’s a great book for parent-child interaction because you can roam over the illustrations together to discover what is happening in each picture. My son loved learning the names of the different types of animals in the lake, and he is always so happy when we get to the mama-duckling reunion scene!

onefishtwofishThere are some books that I introduce now, but which I know we will be using more later. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish is one of these. We’re not quite to the prime Dr. Seuss years, but my son loves the rhythm of the text in this book and the whimsical illustrations are fun. We’re still just barely learning colors and numbers at this point, but he’ll get there.  Right now he likes to proudly identify every “fish!” in the book – and there are plenty to keep him busy. 🙂

listenlistenAre you a sucker for beautiful illustrations?  This book has them.  I wasn’t familiar with Phillis Gershator, but I got her book Listen, Listen as a gift and it’s now a fast favorite.  This little picture book walks children through the sights and sounds of the four seasons.  The pictures are colorful and their folksy style is charming.  It’s one of those books I don’t mind reading over and over again because I like to soak up the adorable artwork.

dinosaurThis is more a book of antonyms than a book about dinosaurs per se, but Dinosaur Roar! is still big fun. The pictures are entertaining, and my son seems to enjoy the contrast between dinosaurs big and small, sweet and fierce, and so on. Toddlers are learning lots of basic concepts at this stage, and this book is a fun way to introduce a few.

jesuslovesmeAnd then there’s Jesus Loves Me! by Tim Warnes. Sweet, sweet, book.  We’ve been singing the song to the little man, and he enjoys it.  This book, which follows a little bear family through the lyrics of the song, is a cute way to accompany the song. Also, my little one likes bears, so looking at bear pictures is always a plus at storytime.

So, what are your little ones reading these days?


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