Keeping Silence

silentsea The word “silence” often has negative connotations. When we speak of keeping silent, there’s an implied thought that the person of whom we speak lacks the courage to say something, or that we are forcing someone to stifle themselves.

Not always so. If we are to truly think something over, we need to have some silence. All the noise in our lives and the clamor of our own thoughts can drown out that still small voice. And frankly, if we don’t allow ourselves some quiet for reflection, it can be hard to learn or to appreciate the wisdom of others. Some of my days fly so rapidly by that I worry I don’t always even see others properly.

And then there’s the silence of awe. Sometimes a piece of music reaches so deeply that I am awed into reverent silence. Likewise when I find myself marveling over some amazing piece of creation for the first time.

Reverence, wisdom, awe, and wonder – all manner of amazing things grow and flourish in the silence.
And here is a modern, but very simple version of a song that makes me stop and wonder almost every time I hear it:

Written in five minutes as part of 31 Days.


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