The Sweetest Joy

IMG_1497 I know I’m totally falling down on the job with 31 days. I’m pretty much okay with that, though. I’ve had the best reason in the world for being offline. One of my dear friends, who has longed for a child for oh-so-long, has finally had her dreams come true. I got to visit, and it was so sweet to be able to share in that joy.

And it reminded me of the joyful birth of my own little one. We struggled for years, and in His plan, God blessed us with our much-loved son. As those who have spent much time with children know, they are hard work. And yet, there is such a joy to having little ones. My little boy is quite small, but even now, the joy of getting to be his mother and of seeing some part of God’s working in his life makes me happy. And it’s not a fleeting happiness. That deep and abiding joy carries me through the tough times, the crying fits, the “I don’t want to eat” days and all the rest.

And so it is, on an infinitely larger scale, with Christ. Our joy in Him and God’s love for us is abiding and deep. Even on the not-so-happy days of our lives, that joy remains. Even in the depths of difficult times, that joy runs underneath it all just like the promise from which it comes.
This was written in 5 minutes with the folks at 5 minute Fridays.



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