I’ll Fly Away

flyaway I’m used to the quiet hush of funerals. Many of you reading probably know what I mean – soft voices, subdued music and so on. At my grandmother’s funeral several years ago, by her request, the service started with a loud and boisterous rendition of “I’ll Fly Away.”

And somehow, amidst the grief, that brought me comfort like little else. The simple words of that song ring so true. Indeed, one of these fine days, we will fly away to glory.

This truth doesn’t take away the pain of loss or the hole that is left behind for those who mourn a loved one here on earth. Yet there’s a promise to it that takes out some of the sting. We believers will fly away one day and when we lose a brother or sister in Christ here on earth, we can know that we will regain them in heaven.

I’m not sure why death and heaven are so much on my mind, but it may be because this month of Angel month at Mended Little Hearts. Each month, this wonderful group runs a Power of Pictures campaign to raise awareness of congenital heart defects(CHD) and in October, they remember those who did not survive.

As a heart mom myself, I find the pictures campaign encouraging. Thankfully, my son is doing well now and I am grateful every day for his health.

All of this month, I’ve been praying for all the other families who lost their heart babies. And I hope that some of you can join me in doing this, too. Medical science has made great advances in treating CHD, but some of this children very sadly still don’t make it.

Written in 5 minutes for 31 Days of Writing.



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