Patience to Walk the Road

patientwalk For as much life as I remember, I’ve heard patience called a virtue. Yet, it’s a tough one for me.

It’s easy to say we want a closer walk with God, richer and deeper friendships, places to serve where we feel a sense of purpose. The hard part of wanting them NOW.

There’s a reason why the old joke showing a person praying, “Give me patience, now!” makes us chuckle. It’s totally cliched, but it’s also uncomfortable in its truth. We want to be sanctified, but we want it now, without a struggle.

And yet I’m learning that some of the best things in life take time. Marriage deepens day by day, and that relationship builds and strengthens with time and work. God has plans for us, but He also has His timing for when things will happen.

My husband and I struggled with infertility for years, and I’ll confess that I did not always bear this patiently. Wanting a little one so desperately, and praying over that hope for a long time wears at one. However, it also draws one closer to God. When I look back now, I see that the road to the family I have today was long and sometimes very hard, but with hindsight, I can see the lessons God taught me. And yes, the patience that He pushed me to develop which I definitely did not have even a few years ago.

We may need patience to walk down those long roads, but remember that we never go it alone.
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