Sabbath Rest

relax The modern world moves at a different rhythm than did previous, primarily agrarian societies. While modern life offers in some ways a better quality of life than that enjoyed by previous generations, we have also lost something.

Currently, the ability to stay connected and productive 24/7 has led to pressure to always be doing something – and to show others that we are always doing something. This pressure may not be physically back-breaking in the way that plowing fields with a team of oxen or working heavy machinery may be, but it’s certainly has the potential to break one emotionally and mentally. Spiritually, too.

In terms of God’s covenants with His people, the command to honor the Sabbath extends back into the days of Moses. Practically from the beginning, God instructed His people to have a time of rest and reflection, and as with other commands, we can see that God knew best for us.

Honoring the Sabbath doesn’t get nearly the attention that it did in generations past, but it hasn’t lost its importance either in Scripture or in life. We need that time of reflection, prayer and rest.

In my own life, I know that when I have not rested, I do not draw near to God in the same way. Left to own devices, I will burn out if I do not take that time to rest.

Rest is as important as work, so let us not work every hour of every day.


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