Always Ready


Are you ready?” “ALWAYS READY!”

No, it wasn’t the military. Sometimes that was youth group, or later, young women’s circle. When I was growing up, the idea that one needed to be ready at any time to defend the faith to “the unsaved,” usually athiests, was ever-present. I come from the reformed tradition, and most of us had read Greg L. Bahnsen’s Always Ready, which has become something of a modern classic of apologetics.

While getting pumped up through call and response chants is something I see less of nowadays, that idea that it planted, that we must be ready at any time to speak of our faith when called upon, hasn’t faded. And I think that’s a good thing.

There are some interactions with others that do not invite sharing of the Gospel, at least not in words. However, those moments where we encounter open hearts and curious minds come when least expected. I don’t necessarily like the word “defend” for those times because I frankly think that our omnipotent God is more than capable of defending himself since He is master of all situations. I think “persuade”, “instruct” or maybe even just “discuss” are better ways to describe how we show clearly what we believe and hopefully reach those whom God intends us to reach.

We cannot go through life knowing exactly whom we will encounter each day or what they will have to say to us. We can go into life knowing that at some point we will either be called upon, or be provided a clear opportunity, to talk to someone about issues of faith. Some of these conversations fall way outside my personal comfort zone, but as I am called, so may I be always ready.
Written in 5 minutes for #write31days



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