Embracing All of Life

embrace What does it mean to truly embrace life? We hear the phrase all the time, and certainly the idea of living instead of merely existing appeals. In my mind, I picture it as living life as though I’m on a journey to somewhere exciting beyond words.

Because I am.

The world brings us laughter, tears, joys, and trials. And that is just how Scripture promises us it will be. This is a broken and fallen world we live in. But that’s not the end of the story. We see glimpses of God through the mire and the muck of our and the rest of the world’s sinfulness, and we have hope in Christ that this world is not our home.

Every day brings with it its own trials and its own blessings, and each day also brings me closer to the God I love. Life is a journey to be embraced and we should not hide ourselves entirely from the creation God made.

Every joy in life is a gift and blessing from God. And I find that often in the darker times, there are still things to learn.

Be joyful, pray unceasingly, and live like your soul has a tomorrow!


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