Capturing Thoughts

everythoughtcaptive I’m not that old, but I’ve still heard more than a few sermons preached on the admonishment in 2 Corinthians that we are to, “(T)ake every thought captive to obey Christ.” It’s an idea that keeps evolving through my life.

As a young Christian teen, the idea that my every thought must turn toward the obedience of Christ because wrapped into the burning intensity of those years. On the positive side, I felt incredibly alive. However, it also made me afraid to be spontaneous or to seem too frivolous.

I know it sounds silly, but it was in my 20s that the keen desire to follow Christ finaly started mixing in with the joy of life in Christ. Yes, obedience and taking up one’s cross to follow Him are solemn and deep things. And they should be. We are reminded often in Scripture that they are.

However, God also gives us joy. The gift of laughter and a delight in the ridiculous, sublime little things that make up life on this earth are real,too. This world is a fallen, broken place. Sad things happen and there are trials we must persevere to endure, but there are joys and sources of happiness, too.

So, in capturing every thought and turning it to Christ’s obedience, let us not forget that following Christ is not only our calling and duty as Christians, but it is also our greatest joy.
For those following along, I have committed to writing 31 days straight. I am writing a series of five minute mini-blogs based on various word prompts that we receive for each day. You can find the whole Five Minute Fridays community here. I am so happy to be part of this group because I find that it adds more life to my writing!



One thought on “Capturing Thoughts

  1. Hi, I am a fellow Write31Day’er and, perhaps, a soon-to-be Five Min Friday joiner (I’ve been meaning to)! I love how you’ve used the word “Captured” with taking captive thoughts….and, the rarely credited Joy (a biproduct of a clean and whole mind – a fruit of goodness). Thanks for a great post.


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