When In Doubt

whirlwind At a conference in college, a speaker exhorted us with some of the most freeing and scary words I’ve ever heard. He told us all that it really was okay to doubt. Simultaneously, I felt afraid because if I started doubting things, what if I got myself truly turned around and lost? And yet, I felt free. Hiding my questions and doubts and pushing them deep down because of my own fears made my heart a prison.

The message didn’t stop there and what the speaker said next changed my prayer life forever. He gently reminded everyone of all the times in the Bible that people had doubted things and how they wrestled with them together with God. Think about Moses being unsure of that call to lead his people. He didn’t bottle it up for fear of offending, nor did he work it out all by himself. He took it to the Lord.

There are times when I truly tie myself up in knots. Yet when I lay my questions and worries and doubts out before God, I know He hears me. Right there in 1 John 5, we are promised that God hears the prayers we bring before him. If I lean on my own understanding, I may as well drown in my own doubts, but I have learned through painful experience that if I take all my cares to God, He hears and strengthens His children.
This was written as part of a wonderful community writing exercise called Five Minute Fridays. Come join in sometime!


7 thoughts on “When In Doubt

  1. That leaning on our own understanding, almost always leads to trouble. If I don’t go at least to the Lord daily, I lose perspective. I NEED His guidance, thoughts, direction, and insight. Learning to depend on Him even more than ever before.
    Thanks for reading my post and commenting Amy, and sharing this with us.

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  2. Great post. I like the idea of wrestling with our doubts together with God. I think it is ok to doubt and it can actually strengthen our faith as long as we take them to him instead of letting them drive us away.


    • I can’t believe it took me so long to realize that doubt can be healthy and okay – and even strengthen faith! Growing in faith is something I have been thinking about a lot in my own life lately, so this prompt was very well-timed for me.

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