A Suspenseful Turn of Events – Review of Headline: Murder


    Book Information

Headline: Murder
Author – Maggie K. Black
Publisher – Love Inspired Suspense(July 2014 $5.99 paperback, $4.99 digital)

I’ve not read Maggie K. Black’s novels before, but if they’re like this one, I might want to try reading her again. Headline: Murder is incredibly suspenseful and since the author starts her novel by throwing readers into the heart of the action, I found myself turning pages compulsively.

The novel opens in a Canadian courtroom, as a crown attorney(prosecutor) announces that a construction company owner accused of having stolen from both the government and his own employees will now walk free. Reporter Olivia Brant is in court for the hearing and waits for the defendant in the garage to get a statement. Worried about her career, she’s anxious to write a big story that will land her name on the cover of her paper.

In the courthouse garage, she gets more than she bargains for. Just as she starts speaking with the company owner, masked men storm the area and gun him down. Things look grim for Olivia as well until the mysterious Daniel Ash saves her and spirits her away from the scene.

From there, the action never really lets up. Olivia initially returns to work, but in the wake of the attack, she soon figures out that her safety has been jeopardized. When Daniel contacts her to meet and discuss the killing, Olivia gets kidnapped but manages to escape her attackers. Once again, Daniel rides to the rescue and eventually gets her to safety in a remote country house.

Not only did the action in this story capture my attention, but the various pieces of the puzzle surrounding the killing Olivia witnessed and the underlying fraud within the construction company kept me intrigued as well. Even though they have their flaws (Olivia can seem headstrong and she doesn’t always respect authority, and Daniel has some secrets in his past), both characters are also likable and readers will want them to succeed in their quest to uncover the truth. I appreciated Daniel’s strong faith and liked seeing the characters grow and change over the course of the story.

While the first half of the book hummed along nicely, the villain started looking a bit too obvious by the second half of the book and the story coincidences began piling up. That person’s motives didn’t entirely make sense and their actions got to be a bit over the top. Even so, I found the book a quick and enjoyable read both for the suspense and for the glimpse into the world of newspaper journalism.

Rating – 4 stars


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