Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

cross-lebanon Most of us follow the news to some degree. I pray over it daily, and it’s a practice that I find informing my own faith and causing me to take Scripture further into my heart and to study it more deeply.

In Christian circles, I think many of us know that things have been very difficult lately. So many people persecuted for their faith both at home and abroad. Even more distressing to me, it seems as though every day brings a new revelation of hidden sin brought to light in the lives of fellow Christians.

Part of me feels saddened at these reminders that leaders I have admired are as fallen as I, and part of me even feels discouraged over the people in this world who seem to delight in discovering that the faithful have feet of clay. Yet, however sickened I am by some of what has been happening (and some of it is sickening indeed), I am reminded of something sure.

Recently I have been studying 1 and 2 Samuel and in those books, we see again and again how the people of Israel turn from their God. And how is God in all of this? God is faithful. God sometimes punishes, but He remains faithful to His covenant.

It’s like they taught me as a child in Sunday school. God is the same – yesterday, today and tomorrow. I may feel sad as I read about human representations of my faith in the news, but God is eternal and unchanging. Human sin will not diminish His power, and His plan for His people will endure.


3 thoughts on “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  1. Yes. And Amen. I admit, I am hardened to the sin and fallen human nature within the church. I begin to expect it and my cynical edges are hard for others to rub against. But God softens me with his faithful love – always loving. Always good. Always true. Thanks for the reminder in the midst of a horrible murder-suicide in my hometown today. “Even so” God is God. {Visiting from FMF}


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