Weekly Reading – 7/18/2015

It’s a hot, hot day outside.  Perfect for rolling around on the floor with little ones, and reading indoors.  What interesting finds have you made online this week?  Here are a few of mine:

– I’m still processing exactly what I think of this article, but I do find the Washington Post’s recent article on railroads and highways functioning as racial divides a striking and interesting read.

– Like almost everyone else I know, online and offline, my heart is just broken over the news that Planned Parenthood treats the unborn like a spare parts lot. Fortunately, Congress is investigating. At least, I hope they truly are.

– I’m not at this stage yet, but I found a recent article from HEDUA on how to consider and teach so-called “controversial literature” very helpful reading. I grew up in circles where students were often sheltered from some of the more ungodly writers, but like the author of this piece, I’m not convinced that it’s the way to go.

– I grew up in a Christian home, rebelled against some points of theology and decamped to a more liberal church for a while, and lately I’ve been coming to truly appreciate sound doctrine.  I’ve enjoyed the recent writing on women’s ministries being done by Aimee Byrd and Deb W. Good teaching here.

– Many of my friends who attended college came out with debt, and I know that school debt can really limit one’s life choices. This article from Forbes made me think about how skyrocketing school costs and availability of federal aid (read – loans) may work hand in hand.

– And just for fun, yesterday was World Emoji Day!  I don’t often use them, but they are cute, whimsical and fun. 😄


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