Weekly Reading – 7/11/2015

– I want my children to grow up to be believers, and I want to teach them Christian values. This blog piece, on teaching purity, is a throughtful one and draws a valuable distinction between teaching outward rules and pointing children toward inward changes of heart. I’m not sure I agree 100% with everything in here, but it does make me think about how to tackle these issues when the time comes, because I have seen that teaching one to outwardly conform to rules doesn’t cover the heart issues that affect how children will become and Who they will follow as they mature.

– Given recent current events, many of us are in prayer over continued religious liberty. However, public perceptions of our faith sometimes get mixed into that debate, and it helps to remember that we were never guaranteed freedom from ridicule or criticism for following God.

– Do you sometimes start reading a book that’s the subject of constant buzz and find that it’s just…not that engaging? Yeah, me too. Here are the 7 stages of not loving the “it” book.

– Here’s a quick and interesting read from one of Lifeway’s book buyers, talking about trends in the Christian market, as well as how her store chooses what it will carry.

– Living history and historical costume are big interests of mine, so I enjoyed reading this interview with the costumer from PBS’ Poldark.

– Looking for some reading ideas? Here are a few, courtesy of The Gospel Coalition.

– Last but not least, as a boy mama, I’m filing away this advice from Mrs. June Fuentes on raising boys.

Have a wonderful week!


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