Weekly Reading – July 6, 2015

Oh my goodness, I have had a wonderful reading week! Some of my reading last week involved books, which you all will be hearing about later. And some involved great articles, like these:

– This is actually a 2014 blog post, but Don Sweeting’s “Those Blasted Presbyterians” is a fantastic read anytime. I knew some of the history contained in this post, but his background on the American Revolution here is well worth a read. Sweeting is a very good writer, and I found myself getting sucked down the rabbit hole, so to speak, on his blog. His piece on the PCA, from the perspective of a minister of another denomination, is another very good read.

– Given another perspective on the church and American history, The Final Break Between God and Country, reminds us that my home country (the USA) and the church are not one and the same, even if there was once a time when Christianity held a position of higher influence in national affairs than it currently does.

– I love to travel, even if many of my journeys are of the armchair variety. This photo list of amazing places shows some truly breathtaking parts of the world. One note: Some of the side links on this site aren’t exactly the most edifying, so use caution.

– This open letter to the world from a woman who had an abortion is just gut-wrenching(and not suitable for children), but it was so moving to see the ways in which God changed this lady’s heart and moved her to speak out. Again, some of the links on the sidebar aren’t the greatest, but the blog piece is so worth reading.

– Concerned about the federal data collection taking place under Common Core? Virginia homeschool families recently got some legal protection from it.

– Some of this may seem like common sense, but this article from Ligonier on 4 Ways to Reach a Child’s Heart is good stuff.


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