The Children’s Shelf – 16 Months Old

At 16 months old, my son is enjoying walking (and running!), and exploring everything he can reach. While he is very active, he does still enjoy quiet time with books in the morning and just before bed. Here are a few favorites that he has been loving this month.
The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown, with its message of love no matter what, is such a dear book to read to a little one. My son loves the pictures, and I adore the message it sends children. Not only does it show the breadth of a parent’s love, but also can help point a child to the greatness of God’s love. I’ve actually seen this book read in conjunction with Psalm 139, and the juxtaposition is very effective.

harrydog For a story that’s just plain fun, Harry the Dirty Dog is wonderful. My son loves following Harry’s adventures as he turns himself from a white dog with black spots to a black dog with white spots. It’s adorable.

isyourmamaallama As you can probably tell, I like cute and sweet little books. My son is fascinated by animals, so I tend to gravitate to animal stories on his behalf, as well. Is Your Mama a Llama? is another book that falls into the category of just plain fun. The rhythm of the words captures the attention and I’ve noticed little ones often giggle their way through this little story.

bearonabike I received Bear on a Bike as a gift, and it’s been a real hit! Filled with bright colored illustrations, this rhyming story of a bear heading out on a bike, a train, and even a spaceship shows children different types of transportation and is also just cute to read.

poohabc And last, but definitely not least, we have Winnie the Pooh ABC. Children at this age are babbling and talking quite a bit, and also showing quite a bit of curiosity about words and sounds. So, even though I don’t expect him to learn his alphabet just yet, I do want to start exposing my son to it. He likes the illustrations in this book and will often flip through it on his own.

So, what kinds of books do your little ones like to read?

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6 thoughts on “The Children’s Shelf – 16 Months Old

  1. Great idea to link up your child’s favorite books. I just started blogging (found yours from Works for Me Wednesday) and I think I may “steal” your idea and post my child’s favorites. Thanks for the idea!


    • Love it! Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? is one on there that has been well-loved in our house, too. I’ll have to check some of the others out for my little guy.


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