A Whole New Frontier of Fear – and Hope

babyfeet Fear. I thought I knew all about fear. I have had silly phobias to struggle with from time to time over the years (spiders, anyone?), but nothing prepared me for what would happen when I had my son.

There is something about having a vulnerable little life dependent on one that makes one feel fears in a different way. Like many new parents, I had the momentary quivers of “Should I check on him to make sure he’s still breathing?” “What if I’m doing his medications wrong?” and so on.

What I didn’t expect was that feeling of bone-deep fear that I would get sometimes as I pondered how much I wanted to do right by this new little man and how hard it could be to understand him sometimes. His vulnerability makes me feel more responsible and so sometimes the fears feel a little bigger.

Bigger, too, is the sense of peace that I get when I bring my fears to God. I may feel the fears of a mother all the way down to my bones sometimes, but I also feel the comfort of my Father all the way down to my bones as well. We do not walk this road alone, even on the days when it’s a little dark and lonely.

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7 thoughts on “A Whole New Frontier of Fear – and Hope

  1. Fears for our kids can definitely be the worst. Each of my kids had what could have been major (and fortunately became minor) health crisis in the first year. It was so hard not to let the fear in. But you are right, as strong as our fear is, His peace is stronger.


  2. My son had roseola and viral meningitis before his first birthday. It was a tough year but it’s getting easier. Thank you for sharing your heart and for visiting from FMF!


  3. Hi Amy, I can completely relate to your post today.
    What a mother have to pray through. The Lord is our strength at all times. Be encouraged. 😊
    God Bless.


  4. Beautiful words and I remember well the feeling of being a new mother even though both of my sons are in their twenties. I love how you tied your words together with the deep sense that God is with us through it all whether it is darkness or light. Blessed you visited me and I found a new FMF friend! Keep writing!


  5. Oh, Amy, I totally understand this fear. We, as mothers, SOOOOO want to do right by our children. I would imagine having fears relating to mothering (and life) is normal. The question you answered is what should we do with them? Loved that your answer was to bring them to God and trust Him to comfort you and give you wisdom.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love your home here. πŸ™‚


  6. Beauitful post, Amy. I haven’t experienced such parental, bone-deep fear, but I appreciate how you remind us that no fear is greater than the peace and comfort we can receive from complete dependence on God. May God continue to strengthen and guide you as raise a precious little human.

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