The Children’s Shelf – 15 Months Old

At 15 months old, my son is walking – and running! He’s a very active child, but even so, he enjoys story time at the end of the day. He also likes to pick up his books and flip through them, babbling in imitation of reading.  It’s adorable!

playmesongPlay Me a Bible Song! is a perfect book for this age. It mixes a child’s love of words, music and activity beautifully. My son loves to play with the keyboard now, and I know picking out the actual melodies and learning to read the notes of the songs will come in time. He also enjoys having me sing the songs to him, and I love that he’s starting to associate happy memories with some of the classic children’s songs of the faith. This book would also be good with older children to help them learn how to read music as it features a simplified form of the musical transcription they would learn in piano or other instrument lessons.

bunnybookBaby Touch and Feel: Bunny is another hit.  Again, this book has an activity component as there are various places that can be explored by little hands. In addition, small children are often fascinated by animals and this book, with its rabbit pictures, has been a special favorite in my house.

ifbunnySpeaking of bunnies, If You Were My Bunny has become a fantastic bedtime book in our house. The book features short introductory pages for various animals, each of which leads to a sweet, mama animal lullaby.  Each of the lullabies can be sung to the tune of a popular folk lullaby such as “Hush, Little Baby”, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and so on.  It’s a cute little book, and great fun for both mama and baby.

mothergooseI read Mother Goose rhymes aloud when my child was very small, and lately I’ve started pulling them out again.  Reading a few rhymes from The Real Mother Goose helps expose a child to the rhythms of poetry and the whimsical subjects of these Old English poems are often quite fun. This edition is a reprint of a very old one, and the rhymes in here aren’t entirely edited for modern sensibilities and also use words that will need some explaining, so this is probably one to use with discernment with little ones.  Still very worth having in the family library, though!

barnyarddanceAnd here’s another one that’s pure fun for little ones. Barnyard Dance! is pretty much just that. The text and a series of whimsical drawings take the farm animals through a fun bit of dancing. My son especially loves it if I “dance” him around while I read.


2 thoughts on “The Children’s Shelf – 15 Months Old

  1. These look so sweet! I really like Sandra Boynton books. They’re whimsical and innocent in a way that really appeals to me for littles.


  2. I absolutely LOVE all books by Sandra Boynton. We have many of her books in our library, and they are always a favorite of my children when I choose one to read. Have you ever read “Moo, Baa, LaLaLa”? It is fun.

    I also like the Jesus piano one. I don’t have it but I think I will have to get it. We have a piano for my oldest daughter, and my kids love banging on the keys, so maybe that would be a better option 🙂


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