Weekly Reading – March 29, 2015

Much ink gets spilled on men, women, and their alleged places in society. Much of the debate takes place in the mainstream media, but there are definitely conversations going on in Christian circles, too. While it’s politically correct to discuss the equality of men and women with the assumption that “equal” and “same” are synonyms, I don’t think we can say women and men are interchangeable. Tim Challies’ blog on the masculine voice and its importance in a child’s development is well worth a read.

Okay – I know everyone and their dog has highlighted Jen Hatmaker’s What Would My Mom Do?, but that’s because it’s good.  As a mom, this is one of those things that feels more and more true to me every time I read it. I long to be a good mom, and raise any children I’m blessed with in a vibrant, Christian home, but I don’t want to smother them.

The signing of a state Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana has provoked strong reaction on both sides. This article by Joe Carter provides some much-needed historical context and clarification to the debate. Both the lawyer and the historian in me found it informative and helpful. It’s far from the last word on the subject, but it’s wonderful information.

In the Bible, much is made of the need to protect widows and orphans. I found this article in WORLD magazine a sobering reminder of what so often happens to the widows left behind after their husbands die.

I’ve not read all the books highlighted here but I found 12 Fiction Books That Will Shape Your Theology an interesting list, and I’m curious to try more of these.

One last thing – if you’ve come across something online that you think is well worth a read, please email me. I’d love to know about !  I can be reached at library4lyfe AT gmail DOT com


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