Kindle Deals – March 26, 2015

That’s right!  I’ve been reading again. 🙂  Not only do I read books, but I read book reviews.  And here are some Kindle deals that have been catching my eye.

I really do enjoy Susan May Warren’s writing. She creates wonderful pictures of life and her characters don’t feel forced. There’s a perceptive quality to her best writing that pulls me in every time. And now Always on My Mind is on sale for $2.99. I’ve already snapped up my copy!

Sometimes I’m in the mood for a sweet love story, and I find that Love Inspired has had some good ones. As with any publishing line, the quality varies, but I often use special pricing to find new (or at least new-to-me) authors. There are currently a few specials runnings, including the Civil War-set Her Captain’s Heart by Lyn Cote(an author I’ve previously enjoyed) for $0.99, suspense novel Forced Alliance by Lenora Worth for $1.50, and Pine Country Cowboy by Glynna Kaye for $1.79.

While we’re talking fiction, I have to mention that I do adore the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries by Dorothy L. Sayers.  Right now the first of them, Whose Body?, is on sale for $1.99. And my favorite of her mysteries, the intelligently written Gaudy Night, is currently $3.99 – down from $14.99!

I’ve admired Kara Tippetts for many reasons. Her unwavering faith in the face of cancer, her contributions to the conversation on issues surrounding assisted suicide and God’s gift of life. Her book, The Hardest Peace: Expecting Grace in the Midst of Life’s Hard is now on sale for $2.99. I know it will probably make me cry, but I want to read it anyway.

So much of preaching and teaching in many churches centers on the New Testament. After all, it’s pretty impossible to proclaim the Gospel without preaching it. Still, I’ve been finding myself wishing I knew more about the Old Testament and that I’d spent more time studying that portion of God’s Word. Lately, I’ve been studying my way through 1 and 2 Samuel, and I’m also on the lookout for good books to assist me. The World and the Word: An Introduction to the Old Testament by Eugene H. Merrill sounds like it could be a good contender, and it’s currently on a sale for $0.99. Not bad for an almost $50 book!


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