Weekly Reading – March 22, 2014

Whew!  I can’t believe another week is starting. This past week was something of a trying one, as one of my favorite aunts is quite ill.  I am thankful that I got to see her at the hospital, and thankful too that I got to spend cherished time with my cousins, but it’s difficult to see the ones we love suffering.

Thinking about this situation, I really appreciated the advice and comforting words I found in this resource on visiting the sick and as well as this one on ministering to the sick and dying, both by Kevin DeYoung, very helpful. I may not be a pastor, but there is great advice in here about relating to folks in the midst of grave illness and how to care for them.

In my blog journeys, I came across this review of a book by Booth Tarkington. Tarkington is probably best known for The Magnificent Ambersons, but The Turmoil certainly sounds like a book I might enjoy as well.

This story from WORLD magazine about a teen in foster care in Alabama just made me smile. My heart broke over this young woman’s situation, but I was happy to see something positive come her way.

I grew up pretty deep in one of the more legalistic corners of the purity/modesty world, so we didn’t spend a lot of time on the tougher questions of grace vs. license. There were plenty of rules, but not a lot of explanations and not a lot of time spent on the deeper heart issues involved. Mary DeMuth wrote a great post this week, underpinned with solid scriptural guidance, that explores some of these issues. And the result is a piece that speaks in very real terms about how truly following Christ means veering away from the trajectory modern culture would set us on. (Note: Mature subject matter)


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