Why Building Life’s Library?

library-2When I started my blog, I puzzled over what to call it. I toyed with various review-related names. After all, I write about books, so it makes sense, doesn’t it?

One thing kept popping into my mind, though, and that is this: It is impossible for me to speak of books in any genuine sense without my life creeping into the narrative. I want to be professional in my reviewing, but because of how reading shapes my own life, I also want to be real. One reason why books have such power is because they not only entertain us for an afternoon, but they contain powerful ideas to make us think, characters who live on in our minds never to be forgotten, and stories that we tell to ourselves over and over. As we build up our libraries, our real lives off the pages are changed.

The Bible, the most important book of all, is more than just a book. It’s God’s Word and we can meet Him in its pages. At their core, the Bible and to a lesser degree, other books that we read, help shape who we become. When we let others have a glimpse into our libraries, we are showing them a glimpse of who we are. That’s huge.

As a reviewer, I want to share my ideas and opinions on books so that I can hopefully help people find books that they may want to make a part of their own libraries.  And along the way, when I talk about books, life creeps in. I want to speak honestly of books and in so doing, be real with my readers. It’s that call to be honest, real, and down-to-earth that made me name this blog what I did. I want to talk books and as we build up our book collections, the ideas we hold onto will color our lives.


I’d been planning all week to write a post like this, and I’d been turning it over in my head. When I saw that this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt was “Real”, I figured today was the day to write. Being real with readers and writing honest reviews are what drives me, so I had to join in.

5 thoughts on “Why Building Life’s Library?

  1. I loved reading this post as I also review books. It is so true that as we read and review, we absorb so much into our lives from the pages. Our lives are molded and in the transformation, He makes us more real – the real we were always meant to be. I was so encouraged from this post & am glad I stopped by from FMF. Blessings!


  2. Loved reading your post. The books we’ve read hold the stories of our lives don’t they?! (I was reminded of this quite literally the other day as I picked up a book I’d not touched for more than twenty years and found a hand-written note from my Dad (now passed away) – it was a day when I needed guidance, was missing him terribly, and finding his words there (that I’d used as a bookmark when he was alive) was a great, great comfort. As I read the book, I found myself maintaining two ‘narratives’ in my mind: the one from the story unfolding in the book and the one I was reconstructing, as I read, from my memories of my life at the time I first read the book….it was a beautiful, beautiful moment). {A FMF friend}


    • Oh, what a wonderful image that is. Those bittersweet moments of finding words from someone who has passed on are so comforting, and I can just imagine how that must have influenced your day and your reading of that book.


  3. Hello FMF neighbor! I really enjoyed reading your post as well. I’m a big reader, write reviews, and love libraries! I’ll be returning here in future to find out what you’re reading. Thanks for keeping it real.

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