Walking With Women Through Miscarriage – Reviewing Inheritance of Tears


Book Information: Inheritance of Tears: Trusting the Lord of Life When Death Visits the Womb

Author – Jessalyn Hutto

Publisher – Cruciform Press(March 2015 $5.99 digital, $9.99 print)

Miscarriage happens far too often. For many gatherings of women, it’s something of an elephant in the room. If you are among a group of women in their 20s or older and you look around the room, at least a few of your companions have experienced it.  And yet, most suffer in silence.

One of the things I liked about Inheritance of Tears: Trusting the Lord of Life When Death Visits the Womb is that author Jessalyn Hutto brings not only words to the silent pain, but affirmation and heart. For such a somber subject, this work is infused with real warmth and compassion.

Hutto begins by sharing her own story with readers, something that must have taken great courage. The author herself has walked through two miscarriages, including one fairly late in pregnancy. However, not only does her heartbreak show through in her writing, but so too does her hope. And that’s what truly sets this book apart for me. I’ve had numerous friends and relatives go through miscarriages and while I’ve seen other resources out there offering comfort, this book is infused with gospel truth and there’s a reality to that hope that goes beyond elegant phrasing.

The title of this work may sound a bit dramatic, but it actually comes from a quote by Susannah Spurgeon, describing the effects of sin and fallenness on the world. As Christians, we like to think on the fact that Christ saved us from our sins, but thinking about how sin effects our world and mars it isn’t such a pleasant subject. Hutto places miscarriage biblically within that context and then, having shown readers what the Bible teaches about the curse of sin on earth, she goes on to remind readers of what God has to come for us. As she exalts, “(S)uffering is not how the gospel story ends.”

I found this discussion of miscarriage hopeful but also careful not to minimize the pain and confusion that this tragedy causes for expectant mothers. One other important note: Though Hutto speaks of sin and the fall, she is very careful to make sure readers understand that miscarriage is not a divine punishment for a mother’s personal or particular sins but rather part of the inevitable trials any of us as humans face in one form or another throughout the course of our earthly lives. She also goes out of her way to include a note to friends of those who have miscarried emphasizing to them how hurtful it can be to tell or imply to a mother that she was to blame for her child’s miscarriage.

All in all, Hutto takes a very painful and difficult subject and provides readers with a sensitive discussion. She speaks truth to readers in a most comforting way, and while I think many women may find this book emotionally difficult to read all at once, it is one that I would recommend to friends and family who have suffered miscarriage. It’s also a helpful read for anyone trying to comfort a bereaved loved one.

Rating – 5 stars


One thought on “Walking With Women Through Miscarriage – Reviewing Inheritance of Tears

  1. I am glad there is a good resource out there and someone willing to write it! I will look into this book more, thank you for reviewing it!


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