Kindle Deals – March 9, 2015

A new week, and here are some new deals!

I’ve enjoyed several novels by Susanna Kearsley. She writes for the mainstream market, but her books tend not to be overly explicit and they treat themes that often make me think. I also love the sense of history in her stories. Her latest release, A Desperate Fortune, is available for pre-order at $9.99, which is a nice discount off the list price.

I often enjoy Anne Bogel’s blog, so I’m curious to read her take on how to contribute financially while keeping home a priority. Since How She Does It is on special for $2.99, now isn’t a bad time for me to pick it up. From my study of Scripture, I believe that my home and family are primary callings, but finding my place in the economy of our household is a continuing learning experience for me. I know my pre-marriage model of commuting working 60-70+ hours a week in a law firm is not conducive to a strong marriage or raising children, we’ve had to find another way. I’ve got a home-based practice now, but it’s all still a work(and prayer) in progress.

Do you have young women in your life? If so, now would be a great time for them to pick up a couple of Annie F. Downs’ encouraging books. Perfectly Unique: Praising God from Head to Foot is on sale for $1.99, and gives biblically-centered advice on eating disorders, beauty, and honoring God with our bodies. Her book Speak Love, also $1.99, discusses how to use words in ways that help us know God better and honor him.

I haven’t read Stones for Bread yet, but I have it on my Kindle. I’ve read all of Christa Parrish’s other books, and I think she is a great new-ish voice in Christian fiction. She tends to write about very imperfect people, and shows them not only saved but deeply changed as they are found by God’s grace. Her writing style is spare and lets the beauty of what God does within her characters shine through. This one’s not free, but $2.99 is still a good discount deal.

And I’ll close with a little nonfiction. I read Hero of Heroes:Seeing Christ in the Beatitudes in a church study years ago, so when I saw it was on special for $1.99, I had to mention it. This is a short, but very good read. By going through the Beatitudes in depth, Iain M. Duguid turns our view of heroism on its head. Good stuff.




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